Civil Litigation

When you are facing a legal issue that cannot be resolved without expert knowledge and strategy, you want a lawyer that is well versed in the art of civil litigation. Civil litigation is not only about the knowledge of law, but even more importantly about creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Because civil litigation is a complex, and often costly process, it is crucial that you are well informed about the pros and cons of initiating a civil action and other options available to you. At De Bousquet Law, we know that the best solutions are not always the most obvious ones. We are creative thinkers who pride ourselves on being able to find the most effective solutions for our client’s needs, before recommending turning to the costly court system.

We practice almost exclusively in the area of civil litigation and have extensive experience appearing before various courts and tribunals. Some of the civil litigation issues that we excel at:

  • Contracts
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Torts, including assault, fraud and defamation
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments
  • Consumer protection
  • Employment law

Why choose De Bousquet Law when there are other law firms that do civil litigation? It’s simple; we care about our clients, listen to them and give them an honest opinion about their case in order for them to make informed decisions. We believe that it is our job, as lawyers, to act both as your advocate and as your trusted advisor through the complex legal issues related to your case. To us, our clients are not just another file, but real people.

If you are dealing with a legal issue related to civil litigation, you should not have to face your struggle alone. De Bousquet Law will provide you with innovation, results and value.