Employment Insurance — You May Be Entitled Even After A Denial

As an employee who has paid into Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) plan, you rightfully expect to draw on its benefits after job loss. While many claims are approved, some employees are stunned when their claim is denied. The financial disruption, impact on quality of life and the blow to psychological well-being are difficult.

At De Bousquet PC, we assist employees in Toronto, Etobicoke and Mississauga in seeking their rightful entitlement. Even after a denial, we can often identify situations in which employees were wrongfully denied.

Are You Eligible For EI?

EI provides financial support to unemployed workers and covers numerous situations, including:

  • Job loss through no fault of your own
  • Maternity or other parental leave
  • Sickness, injury or quarantine
  • Leaves taken to care for critically ill family members
  • Self-employed individuals who register with Service Canada and contribute to the plan

Eligibility for EI benefits depends on meeting several requirements, including a minimum number of hours worked. In most cases, all workers but those who voluntarily quit or were fired for misconduct are entitled to benefits.

Denial Is Not Necessarily The End Of The Line

Even if your claim was denied, you may still have options. If any of the following situations apply, your claim may have been wrongfully denied:

  • You quit your job because your employer effectively left you with no other choice.
  • You left to care for a newborn.
  • The government made a mistake in assessing your claim.

Our legal team understands the financial pressure you face after job loss. If you deserve EI benefits, but have been denied, our lawyers have the skill to find this out and fight vigorously to overturn the denial and reinstate your claim.

Find Out If Your EI Claim Was Wrongfully Denied

Come in and talk with our lawyers. During an efficient initial consultation, we can assess the facts and determine if your claim is valid. If so, we will help you prepare a case and fight to gain you the financial support you need during your period of unemployment.

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