De Bousquet PC’s Corvette Race Car

Driven by Results!

Sponsoring or involvement in the exciting world of motor racing is not only the big guys like Marlboro, NEC or Benetton. De Bousquet PC has its very own Corvette C5 promotional race car to participate in track days, car shows and other motor related events.

If we weren’t too concerned about misleading advertisement, we would probably see us zooming by in a late-night commercial with a motto like “at De Bousquet PC, we’ll get your money faaaaast!!!”. Although we are damn good lawyers, chances are that our race car won’t have any bearing in the outcome of your case.

If you are a client of our Firm and you wish to ride in a race car, give us a shout; we’ll probably take you out for a hell-raising ride provided you sign a bullet-proof liability waiver.