Commercial Law

Commercial Services

Throughout the years, small-medium-sized businesses have relied on our legal expertise to achieve their maximum potential. Our direct, hands-on approach ensures that our clients’ interests are addressed such that they have continual success, growth and development. When faced with legal issues, our clients know that we have only their best interests in mind and work towards solving their legal issues. We have continually represented clients at all stages of legal proceedings that have resulted in resounding success.


Incorporating your business requires extensive knowledge of the Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA) to ensure that your business starts off on the right foot. Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the OBCA and have the experience in obtaining our clients’ goals.

Shareholder Agreements

An agreement between shareholders is a private contract. Shareholder agreements detail the fine print of shareholders’ rights within the corporation including the management of the corporation, transfer of shares, sale of shares, insurance and many more. Our lawyers draft and review agreements to ensure that your interests as a shareholder are protected and served.

Business Purchase and Sale

Buying or selling a business? There are many things to think of in order to protect your interest and ensure that you’re not getting less than you bargained for. Our lawyers draft share purchase and business purchase agreements to ensure that you are not held liable for other people’s actions.

Shareholder Disputes

Our lawyers have the expertise and experience to resolve shareholder disputes. We have represented directors and shareholders in corporate litigation, including shareholder oppression before the commercial court. We represent your interests in shareholder buyouts, shareholder loans and resolving conflicts among shareholders. Our clients rely on our ability to implement the best and most efficient legal option in resolving their shareholder disputes.

Contract Disputes

We have a wealth of experience in enforcing our clients’ contractual rights. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants when their commercial relationships break down.

Commercial Tenancy

Landlords often bury potential tenants with long, complicated leases that they don’t understand. Tenants often rely on our legal expertise to dissect and understand every clause in the lease. We identify potential risks and equip our clients with the knowledge to leverage their bargaining power to alter their lease to their favour. We have experience in drafting and reviewing leases for tenants looking to establish fast-food franchises, store locations, and businesses looking to establish their locations.

We also draft and review leases for landlords. We have the legal expertise to ensure that all aspects of a landlord’s rights and property are protected.


We are well known in the legal community as expert corporate and commercial litigators. When your company needs to take legal action, our lawyers are well versed in maneuvering through a wide variety of complex corporate legal issues, whether it is shareholder disputes or general commercial contract disputes. We are experienced in all avenues of dispute resolution: arbitration, mediation, settlement, hearings and trials. Our clients know we have their best interests as our focus and that we skillfully and expertly resolve their legal issues.