Corporate Litigation

Disputes with your business partners can not only prove emotionally draining due to the breakdown of trust they entail, but also threaten the fruits of your life’s labour and your ability to earn a living. You need expertise you can rely upon to protect these vital interests. We act for corporations, directors, officers, shareholders and partners and can assist you with:

  • claims brought under the oppression remedy provision of the Ontario Business Corporations Act or the Canada Business Corporations Act;
  • derivative action claims brought by a shareholder on behalf of the corporation;
  • breach of fiduciary duty claims against current and former directors, officers and key employees;
  • obtaining injunctive relief to restrain breaches of fiduciary duty or a shareholders’ agreement;
  • piercing the corporate veil to hold directors, officers and employees personally liable;
  • obtaining inspection of corporate records;
  • misrepresentation and corporate fraud;
  • partnership disputes; and
  • securities litigation.

We are effective advocates in addressing these matters before the courts, including the Toronto Commercial List. We will work with you to develop a strategy that addresses your needs and facilitates a prompt and cost-effective solution. Further, we are can help craft imaginative dispute-resolution solutions through negotiations and mediation to allow you to quickly and amicably resolve your disputes and enable you to focus on the growth of your business. Contact us today to discuss how to achieve the results you are seeking.