Employment Law — We Fight To Make The Workplace Better

Employees are what make businesses great. If your employer is benefiting from your hard work, a fair exchange means that you deserve to be treated fairly. The law recognizes the power imbalance in employer-employee relationships. That’s why legal protections against abuses exist.

At De Bousquet PC, our mission is to enforce those protections and hold employers to their responsibilities. If you are facing injustice in the workplace, our Toronto employment lawyers are ready to step in as your fiercest advocate.

We Take On The Burden Of Your Fight

One of the prime reasons why employees in Etobicoke and Mississauga turn to our firm is simple — we genuinely care. We’re deeply interested in the struggles facing employees and are determined to help you succeed. We’ve met with countless clients, heard their stories and seen the impact on their lives and families.

As lawyers who have had their own personal experiences facing injustices by employers, we’re motivated to defend your right to fair treatment. We do not take a passive, wait-and-see approach. Instead, we use outside-the-box innovation and calculated legal strategies aimed at producing tangible results. Our mission is to right the wrongs you face from your employer.

Representation In The Full Range Of Workplace Disputes

Our lawyers have a proven track record for resolving employment law disputes. We can analyze your case, provide you with a candid opinion of possible outcomes and give you the facts you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed. If you are facing any of the following issues, we can help:

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