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Toronto Employment Lawyer - De Bousquet PC

Facing discrimination or harassment at your workplace? Believe that you have been wrongfully terminated? Have you been declined severance pay, or pay in lieu of notice, which was due to you?

For concerns such as these and several other workplace-related difficulties, call upon De Bousquet PC, an employment lawyer Toronto recommends.

Why Choose De Bousquet PC?

De Bousquet PC has been practicing employment law in Toronto and GTA-wide for several years. One of his primary missions is to help grant easier access to the law for individuals with everyday workplace concerns.

Many of these issues might not come to light. First of all, individuals might not be aware of the issues that qualify as unlawful. For example, few people understand the thin line that exists between jest and harassment. Secondly, the individual might be afraid to seek legal counsel. It could be as a result of worry about losing a job, a feeling of embarrassment about the issue or, even, threats from the employer.

In several such scenarios, the counsel provided by De Bousquet, has made a drastic difference to the clients' lives. Individuals, who are unclear, afraid or have been served injustice by their employer, can reach out to De Bousquet, confidently and free of fear.

What Makes Our Employment Law Firm Different?

The De Bousquet law firm has differentiated itself from others in the same industry, through the provision of services with a genuine interest in the betterment of their clientele's lives. De Bousquet has some of the most knowledgeable staff at his service. The team at De Bousquet looks at each individual client as more than a file number and uses their knowledge and expertise to offer an earnest step towards resolving their problems.

We Can Represent You in Both English & French

De Bousquet provides services in both of Canada's official languages. Having dealt with cases through both a contingency and mixed contingency basis, De Bousquet offers flexible billing options.

De Bousquet offers specialized counsel in matters concerning employment law, commercial law, construction litigation, defamation/ cyber-bullying, civil/ corporate/ property litigation and wills and estates.

As an employment lawyer Toronto vouches for, De Bousquet is a leader in human rights and the provision of justice. Arm yourself with the skills and client-focused services provided by the legal team at De Bousquet. You would not find a better ally for tough times.

Come In And Meet The Team

As with any other problem in life, awareness is the first step towards a successful resolution. By consulting the team at De Bousquet, you can become more aware of where you currently stand, how you can better face your adversaries and few options to resolve the case with little conflict.

Our Toronto employment lawyers are eager to put your case on the best path to a successful resolution. Arrange a meeting with us. It's easy. Call us at 416-616-5628 or email us through our online form.