Fighting For Employees’ Rights To Recover During Long-Term Disability

Sometimes due to accidents or sickness, workers are forced to stop working. For others, prolonged stress and overwork bring on disabling mental and emotional illness.

At a time when you need time and resources to recover, insurers and employers may apply pressure to force a premature return, discontinue your benefits or even terminate your employment. If you are facing the burden of such an injustice, the lawyers at De Bousquet PC can stand in as your advocate.

We Will Fight To Hold Your Employer And Insurer Accountable

Our firm has helped many employees fight successful long-term disability claims throughout Toronto, Mississauga and Etobicoke. We’ve seen many claims. We know insurer tactics. We understand how employers think.

We have a passion for clients whose rights are being trampled. If you are unable to work, we will fight to gain you the financial support you need to recover. We have deep experience negotiating with insurers and representing clients before boards and tribunals. We can advise you if:

  • An insurer has cut off your short-term disability benefits even before you can claim for long-term disability (LTD).
  • Your LTD claim has been denied outright from the start.
  • An insurer is planning to discontinue your LTD benefits.
  • Your employer is threatening to dismiss you if you do not return to work.

We Will Scrutinize The Policy Jargon And Fight For Your Coverage

Insurance companies look for reasons to deny claims. Often, they do this through technical loopholes in the insurance policy wording or by making you pass assessments that are slanted against you.

Insurers and employers may claim that:

  • You don’t meet their definition for disability.
  • Your mental or emotional illness is not valid.
  • You are sufficiently recovered to return to work.
  • You no longer meet the criteria.

Our lawyers work with a network of health and workplace experts. We know how to back up your claim, prepare a solid case and negotiate for nothing less than fair treatment while you recover.

Come In To Discuss Your Needs

Our experienced employment lawyers in Toronto take a personalized and service-driven approach to helping clients. We will listen carefully to your situation and give you a clear idea of what you may expect in your claim. Call us at 416-616-5628 or fill in our online form to reach us by email.