Why Choose De Bousquet PC Barristers & Solicitors?

When you’re facing a legal dispute and your money or livelihood is on the line, your choice of a lawyer is critical. At De Bousquet PC, our litigation and employment lawyers have successfully resolved hundreds of cases throughout Mississauga and Etobicoke. Here are just a few of the reasons why clients choose De Bousquet PC — and why we’re confident you will, too.

We Genuinely Care

No client is ever simply a file number at our firm. Our entire staff has a deep interest in the welfare and success of each client. We take the time to really listen. We know what you have at stake. Dedication to your cause fuels our sense of urgency and innovation to pursue the best outcome possible for your case.

We’re Driven By A Passion For Justice

Our staff has personal experience with injustice. We’ve felt the sting before. We also know that gaining a positive result depends heavily on knowing how to strategically navigate the law. That’s why our firm exists — to defend you when you need help the most.

We Can Represent You In Both Official Languages

We’re one of few law firms that can start and finish a case in both French and English. Whatever court or tribunal you face, we can take your case through every stage in the language that serves you best.

Our Extended Business Hours Make It Convenient For You

Most individuals work during the day, so finding high-quality legal help outside of regular working hours can be difficult. But we believe that convenient, hassle-free service is part of making justice accessible to all. Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., we’re here for you.

We’re A Recognized Leader In Human Rights

Our founder, Jean-Alexandre De Bousquet, was named one of Ontario’s “leading experts” in human rights. We know our stuff and will use this deep level of insight and experience to enforce your right to fair treatment.

We Offer Flexible Billing Arrangements

We’re not a rigid, traditional law firm that will bill only by the hour. Every situation is different. We take many types of cases on contingency and mixed contingency bases.

We understand that clients want value out of hiring a firm. Many employees that come to see us already have an offer on the table. This is money that we firmly believe is yours, and we stick to this in our contingency fee retainers.

We don’t simply charge our fees on any additional money recovered after hiring our firm and take a portion of what was already offered. We charge our contingency fees based on the amounts above an existing offer. We will also often offer stepped retainers due to the different levels of work required throughout litigation. Due to this, our contingency fees go up to a maximum of 40%.

Come In And Meet The Team

Our lawyers are eager to put your case on the best path to a successful resolution. Arrange a meeting with us. It’s easy. Call us at 416-616-5628 or email us through our online form.