Wills And Estates

At De Bousquet Law, we can assist you with your legal matters concerning Wills, Living wills, Estates and Powers of Attorney documents. We can help draft these documents for you and/or provide legal advice on existing documents.

Wills and Living Wills play a vital role in your estate planning as they set out the rules and guidelines for dealing with your assets, both during your lifetime and after your death. For example, for business owners, a testamentary document is necessary to lay out how the business will be transferred to the next generation.

On the other hand, Powers of Attorney documents allow individuals to grant another individual or party the authority to make important financial and personal decisions on his or her behalf. Individuals usually create these documents if they are not available to deal with a specific matter or are medically unfit. Our firm can draft your Powers of Attorney documents with the most appropriate conditions based on the document’s use. For example, a Power of Attorney can be for a specific purpose, the transfer of a specific property or generally applicable. In each of these cases, certain legal requirements must be met and time limits may apply to the term of the attorney’s authority.

It may be hard to imagine a time in your life when you are not present or no longer able to care for yourself; however, the cost of not thinking proactively can have dire consequences. Without a will or powers of attorney, your estate will be dealt with using the rules of intestate succession, leaving you unable to manage your own affairs.

When you come to De Bousquet Law, you can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience to guide you through some of the hardest decisions you will ever make in your life. In addition, we know how to appropriately structure the language and relationships in these documents in order to avoid tax pitfalls while taking advantage of any tax benefits. In Ontario, the law with respect to wills and estate planning evolves and changes constantly, making it even more important to have a lawyer in your corner who can ensure that your wishes are followed. Call us for a consultation today!