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Law Society of Ontario ending certified specialist program

Most people probably didn’t know that the LSO has a certified specialist program. Following a study conducted by the law society’s competency task force, the certification will be decommissioned. The only exception is the Indigenous Legal issues certification. This certification is being kept in recognition of the key role that this designation plays in the Law Society’s Indigenous Framework and commitments to reconciliation.

What is this certification?

Lawyers practicing for a number of years in a certain field could apply to be certified as a specialist in that field. Along with a small fee, if lawyers continued to meet these requirements and continued to practice substantially in the area of specialization, they were allowed to use the designation of Certified Specialist.

Why is it being wound down?

The task force found that the certified specialist program should be eliminated except for indigenous legal issues specialization. The report outlined the following reasons: 

  • Limited uptake (only about 2% of all lawyers engaged with the certification)
  • The specialist certification did not assure or improve competence
  • No ongoing evaluative component to ensure ongoing elevated expertise

These sentiments were echoed in the vote that ultimately resulted in the program’s retirement. 

What should I look for when choosing a lawyer?

With the certified specialist program being decommissioned, many of us are probably asking ourselves, what should I look for when I hire a lawyer? There are a couple of key criteria that you should look out for. 

  1. Specialized: When looking for a lawyer, finding one that specializes in your field can help ensure they have a wealth of experience in that area. As a firm specializing in Employment and labour law, our bread and butter is employment law! When you contact De Bousquet PC for legal help, you can rest assured that our lawyers are experienced in this area. If your issue is not in an area we specialize in; we can help you find someone who does. 


  1. Friendly: Legal matters and proceedings can be stressful enough. You don’t want to work with a surly lawyer who looks like they’ve never smiled before. A friendly lawyer can help you feel more comfortable and at ease during a stressful and challenging time. This is why we have a culture of being approachable and friendly. We want our clients to feel comfortable and at home when seeking our services. 


  1. Accessible: No one wants to hire a lawyer who ghosts them harder than their last ex. At De Bousquet PC, we understand that it is important to stay in contact with our clients and explain each step. With our extended hours of operation, it’s never been more convenient for you to contact your lawyer, whether that is during the work day or after, be it via email, phone calls, or messaging apps. 


  1. Communicative:  Legal proceedings can be confusing and stressful. That’s why there’s a whole course devoted to it in law school. The bright side is that your lawyer is there to help you navigate these complex procedures. But just like an expert captain on stormy seas, you’ll feel better if you’re provided with updates on the situation and how close you are to shore. At De Bousquet PC we not only always make sure that our clients know what’s going on in their case, but we also provide detailed reference materials that you can refer back to about litigation. 


  1. Understanding: At De Bousquet PC, we understand how scary the process can be. Most people enter a courtroom only a few times in their life. Many of our clients, they need our services at the worst point in their lives. We get that losing your job can make you feel worthless, vulnerable, and alone. We understand what you are going through because we have been there ourselves and are here to help. 


If you or someone you know are experiencing employment or other legal difficulties, De Bousquet PC is here to help. Our friendly team of top-notch lawyers will help you get the results you want and deserve.

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