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You Earned that Bonus! (Even if You’ve Been Fired)
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April 2023

You Earned that Bonus! (Even if You’ve Been Fired)

By Employment Law

Many employees receive bonuses from their employers, whether it is a small amount for the holidays or a significant sum. In fields such as sales, that “bonus” can account for everything an employee earns above minimum wage.    This means that many employees depend on their bonus as part of their overall compensation package to cover both expected expenses, such as a Christmas bonus earmarked for presents, or unexpected ones, such as car trouble. If you are depending on a bonus, it can be devastating if you’re fired and don’t receive it.    Many employees incorrectly believe they are not…

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No Holds Barred When a “Wins at All Costs” divorce strategy Means Costs Awarded

By Employment Law, Good Faith

S. v. A. – Divorce is an emotional time for all parties involved. Even in the most amicable cases, there will be tensions, a lot of which are created by the fear of what your ex might do now that you are no longer functioning as a unit.  Despite the best efforts of the parties, these emotions extend to any children involved. Worse, however, is when one side isn’t putting in any effort at all. Then, the emotional damage can be catastrophic.  Hurt feelings and anger towards your former spouse may tempt you to adopt a “win at all…

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