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Ontario’s employment laws guarantee minimum rights like maternity leave, a safe workplace and fair working environments. It is illegal to discriminate between employees, mete out from unjust treatment, or cover up abuse.

Before taking any action, contact us if you have any issues related to:

Your employer cannot penalize you for asking for your legal and contractual rights.

Most employees in Ontario, whether full-time or part-time are entitled to the minimum employment standards prescribed by the Employment Standards Act of Ontario. An employer can be held accountable if it is denying these rights or threatening to punish you for exercising your rights,

Speak to a De Bousquet PC lawyer if you:

  • Have been denied pay, pay has been withheld or unilaterally reduced
  • Are not being given responsibilities and promotions others around you are getting
  • Are facing harassment in the form of warnings, deductions and disciplinary hearings
  • Are facing discrimination for your age, gender, religion, race or for any other reason
  • Are being physically, mentally or sexually harassed at work
  • Are being hounded for non-solicitation and non-compete clauses
  • Have been denied severance pay
  • Are being denied your contractual rights
  • Are unfairly not being allowed to take leave
  • Have been forced to quit your job (constructive dismissal)
  • Have not been given a reasonable notice period before termination (wrongful dismissal)
  • Were not paid termination pay and severance (wrongful dismissal)

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